Goddess women healing flames ceremony



GIFTS FROM FFIONA  (see below)


Ffiona Morgan has been described as a
“force of nature” by an astute Elder and “The Tarot Doctor”
by several of her students.


“I have known Ffiona Morgan for over 30 yrs. Over time, I have participated in her workshops, Goddess teachings and Healing Circles. Ffiona is an excellent and dynamic facilitator. She knows her subject matter and is sensitive and caring in her approach to her teaching. I feel privileged to recommend and support Ffiona in her work. And I love her dearly, she is one of my dearest friends.  – Rosamond Gumpert

“I have had the pleasure to not only attend Ffiona’s workshops , but have also visited her home and was honored to attend/participate in a wonderful Full Moon Eclipse Celebration.  MsNBC documented the event for 8 hours. It was coordinated and conducted by Ffiona for the residents/participants of her small California town, and for TV viewing. For no recompense she donated 90 hours in service for that to happen! Ffiona truly lives our love of the Goddess! She exemplifies commitment and dedication to all people of all nationalities, backgrounds, etc. She is a very loving person and her work is a demonstration of her nature: from her Daughters of the Moon Tarot creations, to her cookbook, to creating beautiful Jewelry, weaving and textiles -–Ffiona is so creative, joyful and community-minded, for the good of all! In a time when we all truly need as many reinforcements to uphold our Spirituality and essence of Love, I hope that all appreciate the talents and contributions Ffiona offers, and is willing to share. She is a gift indeed!”  – Deborah G.