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“As a reader and consultant, Ffiona Morgan employs multi-faceted communication skills, as well as an expansive and practical knowledge–which only can be earned through many years of experience, study and hard work. She is able to work with clients on many levels and is deeply intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. She is able to consult on a wide range of subjects and to weave the practical and pragmatic–with the emotional and psychological. Ffiona combines the wisdom and skill of a counselor with that of a financial consultant, while simultaneously weaving in the awareness and empathy of a Priestess, feminist activist, and artist. Clearly, when Ffiona reads for you or works as your consultant, she is operating on many levels, and as her style is of a kind and nurturing approach, her clients receive and benefit on many levels of understanding–the emotional, psychological, practical and pragmatic.”  – Ella P.H.

“You are an incredibly knowledgeable, wise, warm, witty, fun, funny woman! I feel honored to have met you, spent time with you.”  – Lara P.

Ffiona creates time for a personalized, unique reading from any of the subjects listed below
Telephone Consultations – anywhere in the world–you call us
Telephone fees FREE for USA customers only​
Huge Discout for Military Members in a Combat zone, please email or call us

— 1 hour $90 USD, BASIC READING/CONSULTATION –any category
This reading includes a 1 hour telephone consultation from the categories below (free telephone charges in the US).

— 1 1/2 hours $125 USD, FULL PREMIUM READING/CONSULTATION–any category
Includes 1 hour telephone consultation from the categories below (free telephone charges in the US), plus l/2 hr Astrology Chart and Life Card Calculation (done before reading by Ffiona).

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After the Money business:
Email or call us (see bottom of any page on this site for our tel. no. and /email) to set up a time for your consultation/reading and what days/hours you are available. Include your phone number with area code, email address, and website, if you have one. Also let us know which subject you are choosing and Ffiona will help you find the answers to your questions, using a lifetime of experience and knowledge as a scholar, psychologist and psychic. (IF CHOOSING ASTROLOGY, YOUR FULL BIRTH INFORMATION MUST BE INCLUDED)
We will need payment confirmation before the reading. Thanks.

–Traditional Counseling – Ffiona has an Psychology and Women’s Studies
–Transformational Tarot Counseling
–Marriage Counseling Sessions
–Marriage Ceremony, Ffiona is an Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church and Ordained Priestess of Z. Budapest (alternative religion marriage services)
–Resonance Repatterning Counseling Session–Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Sydney, Australia
–Astrological Counseling — Preparation of Chart & Reading
Study with 2 teachers for 5 years readings for 50 years
—Couples Charts and Reading – choose Premium Consult only

–Dream Analysis Consult
–Practical Magic Consult
–Wellness Consultation Includes diet, food and supplements plus healthy weight loss help
–Psychic Healing sessions
–Lunar Resonance For Women
A Meditational Method for the Evolution of Consciousnes

Ffiona describes her Daughters of the Moon tarot deck and book as “The Metaphysical Bible” or “The Keeper of Cosmic Consciousness”, (the name of the new edition of said book, which appears in our Books/Decks/cards section. Be one of the first to enjoy this new and exciting edition.

“Clearly Ffiona is a skilled teacher and communicator. Her humor and engaging wit also makes her presentations inviting and enjoyable”  – Billie S.

“I recently had the pleasure of attending your lecture on Transformational Tarot. What stood out for me was the way in which you handled both the teaching and the content. You came across as extremely knowledgeable and well grounded in the subject, while at the same time your presentation was gentle and loving. I would highly recommend you as a teacher and counselor to anyone that might like to attend your workshops, rituals, lectures or have you as a consultant for readings and other teachings.”  – N. W, PhD