Properties of Gemstones

Abalone, found all over the world, and Pau shells from New Zealand, are gifts of Mother Ocean.  When oiled or polished, they shine with the depths of the ocean and give us a glimpse of the wonders that await us there.   All our earrings and a few of our abalone necklaces are hand-gathered on the California coast in the 1980’s, and have been treasured and stored until they now come to you.  The remainder have been chosen for their incredible beauty and oceanic vibration.

Agate is a type of chalcedony quartz, which helps focus on personal growth and healing.  It is found in many colors.  Agates are known to banish fears and bad dreams, and guard against danger.  They endow the wearer with strength and a brave heart, cure insomnia, and aid the awakening and opening of the inner self.  Carnelian is a red agate which protects against negative vibrations.  Moss Agate is considered the most powerful agate stone and was thought to make warriors powerful and victorious.  They also aided in the restoration of energy and had power to heal the sick.

Amazonite, a pale ocean-green gemstone, encourages faith and hope.  This gemstone gives off quiet lights and a rhythm.  For healing, it is soothing to the nervous system.

Amber is the solidified and fossilized resin of many extinct conifer trees, and radiates heat and light. Amber polarizes with healing magnetism all that it contacts, and possesses powerful magnetic electricity. Like Topaz, this beautiful “wet jewel”, because of its origins in organic vegetable matter that has become mineralized/fossilized, holds the key to Earth’s stability. It is a grounding gemstone and an anchor that helps keep the axis of Earth rotating properly. The ferns, flowers & insects found as inclusions in Amber, add their own patina of frequency.  The un-interrupted flow of life forms trapped within the sap of molten Amber before it hardens, become a monument to its electrical impulse and “miracle factor”.  This stone affects the electro-magnetic wave lengths that emanate from human brain cells. This, in turn, has a direct connection to the endocrine system, which stabilizes the spleen, hear, and base of the spinal center. Then all these channels can open.  The highest magnetic flow emanates from the clear, honey-golden shade of amber.

Amethyst is a quartz crystal that ranges from pale lavender-pink to a deep and intense purple. The ultra violet spectrum is contained in this gem. The most valuable amethysts are deep purple, known as the stone of royalty and dignity. Amethyst is a magnetizing crystal which “throws” rather than “absorbs” energy. The Greeks believed that it protected one from the excesses of alcohol and other addictions, therefore those who wish to remain sober often wear or carry an amethyst.  It has a cleansing, calming and soothing influence, and when placed under a pillow at bedtime, abates insomnia, and brings healing dreams. For nervous headaches it can be warmed slightly and placed on the forehead or temples to reduce throbbing and relieve pain or tension. (Also, see” Green Tourmaline” for nervous conditions). The Egyptians believed amethyst kept guilt and fear at bay and prevented  the wearer from deceiving themselves.  It is a powerful stone and spiritual stimulant, as it opens mystical doors and psychic centers, as well as aiding relaxation and meditation. Amethyst affects the brain by inducing clarity and precognition and lifting the human spirit, as does its sister gem, Clear Crystal Quartz.

Aventurine is also a member of the quartz family with bits of mica that give her a distinctive green color and a metallic glint. It can be found in other colors as well,   In Tibet Aventurine was used to aid nearsightedness and to increase perception and creative insight. It may also `be employed for luck and chance. Wearing this gemstone helps you become more resourceful and aware of your true affluence.  When we accept in gratitude what we have, it gives us the space to attract even greater abundance. By sharing with openness and cooperation, abundance can be fully manifested. Trust in the goodness of the universe, your cup will be overflow, and you will never be disappointed. The riches that come from sharing can never be depleted, because once you become a giver, it will always come back to you.

This is a beautiful multi-layered gray Agate that is banded with several layers. Botswanna is a very strong Agate and is worn when strength is needed.

A highly-evolved form of quartz, Carnelian has a similar vibration to Ruby and Garnet.  Its properties are electro-magnetic and it is a powerful, energizing stone.  It can deepen powers of concentration and recycle past-life experience by reminding us about the state of our soul, and its present path. Carnelian was worn and sought by healers, as it is an ancient and well-used tonic.  It works well when projected into the liver, gall bladder and pancreas, where it stimulates the flow of enzymes during digestion.  It has the ability to energize the bloodstream and create positive magnetism. Carnelian indeed does good things to the body just by wearing it, as it feeds energy molecules directly through the skin, just as you can breath in prana by inhaling air. This is one of the few gemstones that harmonize the elements of fire and earth.

A natural, untreated point of clear quartz comes from deep within the earth.  Its name means “ice” and truly it is the water of life, frozen where spirit and matter meet.  It took millions of years to create clear quartz.  Its clarity and brilliance were kept hidden and safe for all that time in the womb of Mother earth.  It is a reminder that deep within each human being is a clear crystal essence of Spirit that waits to be revealed. Just by holding one of these gemstones you are participating in creating a global electromagnetic network above the ground. This network will help to counterbalance the damage to Mother Earth’s internal systems. Many sacred power points have been disturbed and Her most precious mineral deposits disturbed. Clear quartz is almost limitless in function, more than any other mineral. Alone, or in combination with another gem, it will balance and heal the aura of mental and emotional disturbances in humans. It decongests force centers and works well with our sacral centers. Clear Quartz is a personal healer for the body and elevates depression or a bad mood. The Romans used quartz as a cure for glandular swelling, to reduce fevers and relieve pain. Clear Quartz is the perfect jewel, a symbol for purity, patience, and perseverance.

Dichroic Glass was first developed by NASA to be used in space for optics and light filtering. The brilliant colors are created in a vacuum chamber by layering of metallic oxides over clear or black glass. The resulting pieces are dazzling, unique, one-of-a-kind, and cannot be duplicated.

Goldstone is a type of glass made with copper/copper salts with a reducing flame. When it cools the copper remains and precipitates into small crystalline clusters. Our Goldstone is called Blue Goldstone, but it is actually a beautiful sparkling purple color. The manufacturing of Goldstone was discovered in Venice in the seventeenth-century by the Miotti family, and is sometimes called “monkstone” after an Italian monastic order.  Another name is “stellaria”, based on the starry reflections in Goldstone.  It is similar to the natural mineral stone Aventurine, although is not a natural material itself.  It is worn for its beauty.

Hematite is a soft form of red iron ore in natural form, but when polished, it  turns a shiny silver color.  This gemstone can help one become more aware of your connection to earth. Then you will be able to use your energy more effectively and even more energy will become available.  When you connect to your true power source, the spirit of love and creation, it is helpful to establish a firm connection with earth to complete the circuit.  Hematite helps you do this by becoming your navigator, anchor and rock.

JASPER (See Picture Jasper)

This is a deep, royal blue gemstone associated with the third eye.  It is one of the oldest spiritual stones known, and in Ancient Egypt one of the most valued, and   worn only by royalty.  Through the ages Lapis has been a wisdom and truth stone, and one which stimulates psychic experiences.  When carved into the likeness of an eye, then ornamented with gold, it became an amulet of the greatest power. Healers have always thought of lapis as the stone of the universal eye, and used it for strengthening both mind and body for spiritual awareness. Another legend dating to Babylon and Persia, revered the gemstone as a symbol of love, beauty, tenderness, and goodness of the heart.  It was also known as the stone of fidelity.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates creativity, a sense of wisdom, and insight.  Therefore, it can be used for meditation and stabilizing your vibration. Lapis performs miracles of service to those who seek.  Like the Goddess Isis, who is Mother of the World, Lapis Lazuli is Mother of all stones.

Malachite is an intense green gemstone with lighter green swirls within.  It has a basic affinity with the elements of water and earth. It stimulates the optic nerve and aids function of the pancreas and spleen.  When combined with Azurite, it creates a force field of ultra-sonic, radio-active power, which is harmless to others, but strong and powerful for the wearer. In the Middle Ages Malachite was thought to be an extremely powerful protector against danger and accidents. Also, it was employed by royalty and healers to stimulate clear vision and insight.  Many believed it also had other therapeutic properties related to the blood content of the body, and was often used to treat circulatory diseases.  This beautiful, unusual stone aids success in business and gives hope and inner peace.

MOSS AGATE (See Agate)

Onyx is porous and absorbs energy easily; therefore it can absorb a great deal of  negativity, and at the same time pick up positive frequencies.  Ancient Egyptians believed that onyx worn on the neck would cool the ardors of love and was known as the stone of separation.  It may be used for releasing old patterns and ways of being, such as ending a negative relationship.

This has been described as “an elemental jewel drawn from the depths of Neptune’s larder”, Pearls have always been associated with femininity. Perhaps it is the unflawed beauty of a perfect pearl or the cool luster of its exquisite shape, or its delicate toughness that makes this gemstone synonymous with women.  Pearl has the power to relax the mind as well as attracting love. The Hindus believe the pearl represents the influence of the moon upon the earth, and thereby protects it.  Modern culture always associates Pearls with happy experiences in love, and this is why they are often given by lovers as gifts.

Jaspers effect the physical body at the densest levels. They appear in the red and brown color ranges, even green or gray.  Called the Rainbringer by certain Native American tribes, Jasper is renowned as a protection from evil powers and fears of the night.  Red Jasper influences the hormonal balance and energies of the physical body. Magic holy people divined with it.  Brown Jasper is associated with stability and dependency.  All colors aid the emotions and can be used to balance upset and stressful times.

Obsidian is a natural dark glass formed by the quick cooling of volcanic lava.  Like black tourmaline, it is a super protection stone that also helps a person become aware of their true place in the universe.  Rainbow obsidian shines many colors, of the rainbow, when held in the sun. (Our Photo might not be capable of showing this aspect).

This is a gemstone of love, in particular self-love. It is known as the Heart Space Stone, as it can help a person become more aware of all the love around them, so they may tap into that love.  Rose Quartz is steadfast, everlasting and precious. Known for treating illness of the kidneys and especially self esteem.

Discovered in 1944, this beautiful stone is relatively new.  It comes in pale to dark purple, sometimes containing several shades of purple with small grey-black sections. Another name for this gemstone is Royal Lazelle, which is part of the hexagonal crystal system. Sugilite strengthens connections between mind and body and also helps deal with negativity. It is a wonderful stone for meditation because it stimulates the crown chakra as well as opening all the chakras.  It is known for attracting healing power, eliminating hostility, anger, jealousy and prejudice.

(Also called Falcon’s Eye or Cat’s Eye)
Found chiefly in Africa and the Middle East, this stone promotes accurate insight and perception in the wearer.  It may be used for clear-thinking, protection and good luck. Tiger Eye helps focus on self-confidence and being “solid as a rock”.

To Atlanteans, Native Americans, and other mystical people, this stone has been deified because of its color and amazing properties. They believed it held the atmosphere surrounding the earth and sky. In worshipful reverence they believed it was a giver of life and breath. Turquoise is also a symbol of prosperity and protection, and was used for guarding tombs in Egypt and calling of the Great Spirit of the Sky by Native Americans of the Southwest United States. In the Orient it was worn as a protector against evil. Further, the stone was believed to insure against a violent death and to restore clear vision when thinking had become muddled. Blue turquoise vibrates calming, while the greenish blue turquoise restores a healthy attitude.  All colors of Turquoise are stones of friendship and can calm emotions for overstimulated individuals.  Though it represents the sky it also finds itself at home with water, caught and held in the dry crevices of the earth, and purified by holy fire. This stone has a Venus-Moon influence and it is thought that before earth was established this mineral existed in large quantities on the moon chain. A mineral similar to turquoise in composition now exists on the planet Venus.