Books, Decks, and Cards

When you hold one of our products in your hands you can see right away that it is beautiful and of high quality. Our company has been in business since 1980 and the tarot deck & book were first published in 1983. We pride ourselves in being an ethical, environmentally-conscious company. Our ethics include charging only the cost of shipping and handling, with no “hidden” costs added. Our packaging is as close to biodegradable as possible, and we do not shrinkwrap any of our books. Unfortunately, we have to shrinkwrap our decks, because book store “cruisers” were opening the decks and taking home their favorite card(s). However, we do not use large non-biodegradable plastic boxes for any of our items. Our cards have the cleanest and best coating available and great care is taken to maintain the pure color and substantial card weight. Snow Lion Graphics of Berkeley, Ca. arranges the printing with their family business, and no one is ever exploited for their labor.

You may contact us at 541-654-0424 to arrange alternative payment, such as a check, money order or bank draft. We are unable to take credit or debit cards on the phone or by mail, but on this site. Wholesale orders over 6 pieces of any of our book products are also available.