Praise, Raves & Love Letters



“Thanks for supporting, contributing and validating my spiriruality, clouded for so many years, as I was born into a set of beliefs that do not honor symbols, birth, rebirth, wombs and cycles. Your images are powerful and comforting and when I drew the Eaglewoman in a reading I placed the card under my pillow to take my night fears away. It worked and hasn’t returned! The card has disappeared however but I know I am blessed.”  -Ann D.B

“I have had your deck since 1984 when it was first published and my friends and I had so many happy times coloring those cards, all together, picking a card for the day. I am so proud of you, you have come long way, girlfriend! I hope to have a reading with you, but for now I will just keep ordering anything you create!” -Pamela J.P.

“I have had the pleasure to not only attend Ffiona’s workshops at the women’s festivals, but have also visited her home and was honored to attend/participate in a wonderful Full Moon Eclipse Celebration, where MsNBC documented the event for 8 hours. It was coordinated and conducted by Ffiona for the village of Sebastopol, and the U.S people when it went on tv; and she donated 90 hours in service for that to happen! Ffiona truly lives our Love of the Goddess! She exemplifies commitment and dedication to all people of all nationalities, backgrounds, etc. She is a very loving person and her work is a demonstration of her nature: from her Daughters of the Moon Tarot creations to her cookbook, to creating beautiful Jewelry—weaving and textile work–Ffiona is so creative, joyful and community-minded, for the good of all! In a time when we all truly need as many reinforcements to uphold our Divinity and essence of Love, I hope that all appreciate the talents and contributions Ffiona possesses and is willing to share. She is a gift indeed!”  -Deborah G.

Various Feedback from participants in one of Ffiona’s workshops:

You are an incredibly knowledgeable, wise, warm, witty, fun, funny woman! I feel honored to have met you, spent time with you.

I appreciate your generosity to focus individually on people, even while teaching. Thanks for being REAL. Come back again soon, we can dance and chant and work with the stones.

Thank you, Ffiona – I will treasure your crystal and hope to use more tarot now.

You really gave me nurturing info, and your heart. You are truly an artist and thank you forsharing your considerable self with us. I really enjoyed you.

The Astrology workshop which Ffiona taught proved a breakthrough in my understanding and ability to grasp and access this many-faceted and complex art. Her ability to communicate dense and expansive subject matter in practical and simple explanations, enabled me to understand and also appreciate Astrology. In this short time I was able to walk away with a basic grasp of the Art, and able to use it as a basic tool–towards better self-understanding and personal growth.

Clearly Ffiona is a skilled teacher and communicator. Her humor and engaging wit also makes her presentations inviting and enjoyable.

“As a consultant, Ffiona Morgan employs multi-faceted communication skills, as well as an expansive and practical knowledge–which only can be earned through many years of experience, study and hard work. She is able to work with clients on many levels and is deeply intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. She is able to consult on a wide range of subjects and able to weave the practical and pragmatic–with the emotional and psychological. Ffiona combines the wisdom and skill of a counselor with that of a financial consultant, while simultaneously weaving in the awareness and empathy of a Priestess, feminist activist, and artist. Clearly, when Ffiona works as a consultant, she is operating on many levels, and as her style is of a kind and nurturing approach, her clients receive and benefit on many levels of understanding–the emotional, psychological, practical and pragmatic.”  -Ella P.H.

“The cards you visioned were life-changing and my first introduction to Goddess–I feel they brought Her back into my life. Thank you, Ffiona for all your hard work, you deserve the very best! They were given to me and changed everything in my life, not only for me but my friends and family as well. I am thankful for this gift of Daughters of the Moon every day. I believe strongly in your work, and talking to you was one of my greatest wishes and I have been blessed to do so twice in my life. Thank you so much for all the wonder you have created.”  -Coleen L.

“Ffiona, it was so magickal to speak to you on the phone from Hawaii. You are the WISE ONE, and much more. The inspiration that you have given me over the years is unbelievable and to know that I have a lot of your original work makes me feel so blessed. I am so grateful that my sister found your website and sent me the link.I am, as I was the first time I met you—in awe! It was my first anniversary of living on the islands here. I still have that picture in my magic place.”  -June G

Comment after attending Ffiona’s “Elements of Ritual”

It seems absolutely important to have a workshop that can de-mystify the process of creating a ritual. I learned an incredible amount. -Helen B

What I am writing you for is to simply thank you for what you gave me, and hope you will receive it. First, thank you for the wonderful experience of the Goddess. She is a cherished aspect of my life now, and the gift is not forgotten. Never, never forgotten!
Second, I am truly grateful for you opening your home to me when I needed a place to feel safe.

“The experience with my lover were blinding and terrifying and I did not then realize that I made your home unsafe for you as well. I also want to thank you so very very much for being there while I was coming out. I know so many who have no support. Your delight in my process was a true gift, Ffiona. I think of you frequently and remember what you shared with me so freely. I feel a true friend in you,and wish that I had been able to appreciate you, as I should have.”   -Kerensa

I wanted to say hello and thank you for teaching the Astrology class at the gathering. You were so clear, articulate and easy to understand–unlike other astrology classes I have unfortunately attended. Please keep me up with your tours and schedule.
-Alice H.

Ffiona Morgan…..I was one of the women who had the pleasure of attending your workshop, on “Tarot for Growth and Self-knowledge” recently. What stood out for me was the way in which you handled both the teaching and content. You came across as extremely knowledgeable and well grounded in the subject, while at the same time your presentation was gentle and loving. I would highly recommend you as a teacher and counselor to anyone that might like to attend your workshops, rituals or other teachings. -Nan W, PhD

You truly are a generous person to be concerned about me and especially right now. I certainly appreciate your kind heart. Thank you so much. -Sue T

I have known Ffiona Morgan for over 30 yrs. Over time, I have participated in her workshops, Goddess teachings and Healing Circles. Ffiona is an excellent and dynamic facilitator. She knows her subject matter and is sensitive and caing in her approach to her teaching. I feel privileged to recommend and support Ffiona in her work. And I love her dearly.  -Rosamond Gumpert

Dear Ffiona, Thank you for your many gifts that you so generously share, especially for helping cast our webbing (wedding) circle. We hope you felt blessed, as truly your presence blessed us. Our toasting glasses from you are very beautiful. May you always be held by She who loves you dearly and fiercely! Many thanks, much love Y. and C.

Wow, Thank you so much for the extra cards you sent me, you are so very generous and kind–you really made my day! Daughters of the Moon are awesome, beautiful,and Gnarley. I hope the Goddess will bless you abundantly for your kindness and your deck.
-Cynthis L.

I just read the article about you in the Press Democrat—you are so adorable in the pictures! I’ve so much enjoyed an been empowered by you and your rituals, as well as by your friendship. Knowing you has made such a difference in my life! Thank you for being you. -Toni S.

Dear Priestess, I have enjoyed meeting and working with you so much and I would like to learn more from you by taking your priestess training. I have all of your books and look forward to having you sign them: they are already very used. Blessed Be, Jill J.

Hello Ffiona,
I stayed with this young woman last weekend and she was talking about how her life had changed and how she had quit smoking. She said it was all because of these books she was reading. It turned out they were your books (the two Goddess books sold on this site, which used to be one book). I told her you were a good friend of mine. She was star-struck and held her chest and started to cry. When she asked, I said I would get you to sign her books. Thinking of you often. I enclose her letter.  -Carolyn M.

This is the letter: Dear Ffiona I just wanted to thank you for writing your spirituality books. They are very inspiring to me as a womoon and a feminist and gave me a whole new perspective on magic, the earth and my life choices. In particular, I was inspired to change my life cycles and because of the knowledge from your books I am able to accomplish so much more in my activism and in other’s healing. It was this same book that taught me and some of my friends how to quit smoking, a free gift on your website. It will be two years on the Equinox. I thank you so much and send all my love. Peace  -T.Y.