Minor Arcana

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Minor Arcana: Flames (sample)

Through our solid flesh and bones the fires of our will and desire move  us to action and the fulfillment of our dreams. Fire represents energy, growth, change, will, vitality, action, leadership and creativity.

creation tarot card

One of Flames: Creation

The One cards are gifts, births, seeds and beginnings, each pertaining to their respective element. Creation signifies a beginning in the realm of activity or growth; a new project or undertaking that generates energy.
loyalty tarot card

Three of Flames: Loyalty

Being loyal means standing up for what you believe, even in spite of great odds or difficulties.  It is simply keeping your word, walking your talk. At times this requires great faith and courage, and often we are called upon to stand up for a friend or family member as well.
the horah tarot card

Ten of Flames: the Horah

The Horah is a ritual of connection, cooperation and energy synchronization. Events have reached the final stage of completion. You may have encountered conflict or frustration along the way, but now all is well.


Minor Arcana: Cups (sample)

Water has traditionally been the symbol of emotions of all kinds, the universal solvent, and our original mirror.  Cups are the vessels which contain the waters of receptivity, said emotions and the unconscious.  Emotional patterns are also born of water. Working with this element and her flowing, driving force, we can reclaim our feelings as powerful assets.

mami watu mermaid tarot card

Mami Watu (Maiden) Pisces

This sensuous Maiden lures us to Goddess and teaches how to flow and be spontaneous. She brings new love and development of our psychic abilities.

nammu mother of cups tarot card

Nammu (Mother) Cancer

Nammu brings fullness of emotions, romance and laughter. She shows  us how to nurture without dependency. This is also one of the cards associated with children, including our inner child.

hecate crone of cups tarot card

Hecate (Crone) Scorpio

This Goddess of the Crossroads dwells in underground caves where she is keeper of the sacred wells. She possesses great knowledge, and the secrets of deep emotion and the passion that accompanies living that life.  Other lessons this water Crone teaches us is how to dissolve old patterns of emotional behavior.


Minor Arcana: Blades (sample)

Blades encompasses the world of the mind, words, thoughts, technical matters and communication.  Our breath carries the words and songs which communicates all thoughts.

hina tarot card

Hina (Maiden) Gemini

She is the butterfly Goddess and the carrier of news and ideas. This is the card of communication and speeches which inspire us.  It also represents the news and media of our world.


Skadi, the North Wind (Mother) Libra

Goddess of winter and the North Wind, Skadi is a mediator who clears the air of misunderstandings. We learn from Her how to confront, negotiate and solve problems between humans, in a kind and loving way.


Ixchel- Eaglewomon (Crone) Aquarius

The Mayan Goddess of the Moon flies with the eagles, carrying the lilght of understanding as She brings relief from pain. With her scissors She cuts and ends stifling patterns, mostly thought patterns, that keep us from growing.


Minor Arcana: Pentacles (sample)

This is the physical realm, the body, or the result of any deliberate effort, such as work, education, and possessions. (The mantra to remember is work-money-body) . Pentacles is also connected to health, environment, business and the marketplace.

lada maiden of pentacles tarot card

Lada (Maiden) Virgo

New opportunities bring the earth maiden’s gifts of the material world, good health and abundance–in full force.

great corn mother tarot card

Great Corn Mother (Mother) Taurus

She is a nurturing, generous Goddess of the earth. Inheritance and material goodness of the earth are yours.

buffalo woman crone card

Buffalo Woman (Crone) Capricorn

She knows the secrets of the earth and her body. Buffalo Woman is trustworthy, reliable and dependable. She looks to tradition for guidance. Her skills are that of a medicine woman and teacher of earth’s mysteries.