Major Arcana

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the Star tarot card

The Star

Gently truth will touch you when she comes
No loud fanfare blares her forth
But in the deepest space of silence
Angels’ silver calls embrace the earth
Now I lie beneath her loving gaze,
And I the open lake receive her cup
Now I float within her gentle heart,
And I the open earth am filled with hope


the dreamer tarot

The Dreamer (The Fool)

This card speaks of new beginnings, or the zero (egg) where everything is born anew. It also represents self-love, innocence, purification and clear vision.
the amazon goddess tarot

The Amazon (the Chariot)

She is in charge of her life, utilizing self-discipline, control and acts of will. Victory and confidence are hers as she develops a sense of direction, keeping centered while she moves at top speed.
wise one crone hermit tarot card

The Wise One, Crone (the Hermit)

This archetype is about becoming friends with our older and wiser selves, discovering forgotten knowledge through creative solitude, withdrawl and patience. The Crone invites us to go within.
Maat justice tarot card

Maat (Justice)

The Egyptian Goddess of natural justice makes wise decisions. She restores balance, harmony, and sees both sides of all situations. Maat is the guardian of truth and ethics.
pan tarot card


In this card I am introducing a positive male image to the Tarot. He can be found in many ancient mythologies, characterized by his sensuousness, creativity and love for the Goddess.
spiderwoman tarot card

Spiderwoman (Wheel of Fortune)

She spins the wheel of karma, manifesting a sudden shift of events. This is a fortunate change; you are ending a cycle and beginning another. Luck and destiny are on your side and optimism abounds.