Isis Tarot Card

the priestess tarot card

By Ffiona Morgan, © 2003, 2007

Actual size of the cards: 5.25 inches

See the Major Arcana or Minor Arcana.

The Priestess looks within. She is the oracle who divines truth by channeling energy. She is a Goddess of the night who unties the patriarchal knot, showing us how to seek and find new ways to live. Isis is sensitive and receptive and understands mystical messages from The Divine. She is Ariadne with the golden thread who leads us safely through the labyrinth of our unconscious minds. She knows and teaches the power of ritual and can guide others in chanting, ritual singing, visualization and sound vibrations that raise the cone of power, heal and unify. The sybil swoons in her ecstasy and her utterance is at once a song and a prayer: She knows deep secrets, and is guardian to the gate to the unconscious.

Isis is everywomon tuned into her psychic powers, the Goddess of intuition. We can all be priestesses in our gatherings as we learn to rotate and share leadership by passing power around the circle, which inspires others. In male-dominated religions the priest, hierophant or guru is seen as the spiritual guide or authority. We are now free to seek the priestess within or learn from another knowledgeable woman or friend.

Ancient cultures reveal an understanding of the use of the power of suggestion, as indicated by the widespread use of ritual. By joyously surrendering to an image of power and beauty we heal and reaffirm ourselves. It is important to remember that whatever images we create are reflections of our own energy and not some power outside ourselves to which we become slaves. In becoming our own priestesses we get in touch with our internal imagery in our hidden garden of intuition.

The seeker needs to make contact with her unconscious mind and spirit guides. Veils are being lifted; perhaps a dream teaching or a clarification of what has been concealed. You may be developing your own priestess powers through rituals, astrology, crystals or tarot. It is also insightful to focus your energy, reflect on your dreams, or explore the art of meditation. This may also be the time to create your first altar.

The Priestess has a responsibility to avoid setting herself above or apart from her community. Reversed or tilted positions of this card can mean she has gathered too much power to herself and is operating as a “Queen Bee”, rather than sharing and teaching others to take leadership positions in the circle.