How to Quit Smoking


By  Carolyn M.  “I stayed with a young woman recently and we discussed how her life had changed and how she had quit smoking. She said it was all because of these books she was reading and it turned out they were  your  two spirituality books!  I told her you were a good friend of mine and she then held her chest and started to cry. Then she asked me if I could get you to sign her books.  I enclose her letter.  Thinking of you often.”

“Dear Ffiona, I just wanted to thank you for writing your spirituality books. They are very inspiring to me as a womoon and a feminist and gave me a whole new perspective on magic, the earth and my life choices. In particular, I was inspired to change my life cycles and because of the knowledge from your books I am able to accomplish so much more in my activism and in others healing. It was this same book that taught me and some of my friends how to quit smoking, a free gift on your website. It will be two years on the Equinox. I thank you so much and send all my love. Peace  -T.Y.

How To Quit Smoking and Other Addictions

The following is my personal method to quit smoking. I smoked cigarettes for eighteen years, and quit fifteen years ago. I tried to quit using several other methods, including hypnosis, but each time some trauma would happen in my life and I would again begin smoking. This is my personal story, and I hope it will be an inspiration for others in their determination to stop abusing their bodies with cigarettes.

Goals: The first step is to set a goal by picking a calendar date when you will quit. Pick a date a couple of months in the future so you have time to reprogram yourself. If your quitting day has special positive significance for you (your birthday, New Year’s, a holy day), all the better.

Psychic Programming

I programmed my deep self by writing affirmations. I procured a notebook for this purpose, and then composed a one-paragraph affirmation that I faithfully copied three times a day. (If you are at work you can do this on your lunch hour.) It went something like this: (example)

“I, Ffiona, will wake up on January l5, 1975, and know that this is the day that I, of my own free will, answerable to no one but myself, will not want another cigarette. I desire to free myself of this self-abusing habit, realizing that it is killing me by destroying my lungs and throat. I will be focused and clear as I see myself as a nonsmoker. In the interest of self-love and caring I will quit smoking on the above date. I will not crave nor want a cigarette after January l5th. So Be It.”

This is only an example. Each womon needs to compose her own affirmation that expresses her personal needs. Just remember to keep the essential ingredients in the above example. You can make it as lengthy as you wish.
I woke up on my quitting day and did not want a cigarette. That was the miracle!! It still amazes me that after so many years of being totally addicted to cigarettes I was able to quit. Here are some other things I did to make it possible.


I gave myself a long period of meditation time on a regular basis and spent it visualizing my life without cigarettes. I got very detailed and specific-I saw myself get up, go to work, at a party, out to dinner, in a group, all the places I had previously linked with cigarettes, and visualized myself doing all those things without cigarettes. Meditation will also get you in touch with what’s happening with your lungs and throat, and how much damage smoking causes. Meditate on how smoking may be keeping down your vital life forces, such as anger or sexuality (usually one or both of these applies to smokers).
I changed my ritual habits because the smoking habit is strongly linked to ritual. If you associate drinking coffee to smoking, switch to black tea until you’re “safe”. Do things differently to break the connections. Be inventive.
Recently I heard it said that the reason some people smoke is to get a deep breath. Some of us breathe very shallowly, so try breathing deeply when you want a cigarette and see if there is any lessening of the desire.
Spend some of your time thinking about the pain cigarettes are causing you-how much they cost in money and your health. Dwell on the pain, feel it deeply and experience it fully. See your future and how you will be affected in five, ten, or twenty years from now, if you continue smoking. Now-think of all the pleasure you will have if you quit smoking, how you will have extra money and energy, how your body will benefit, and how you will be psychically free to direct your energy to create new and different ways of spending your time. Think of how much time you now spend wanting, procuring, and smoking cigarettes.
Visualizing yourself without cigarettes creates that reality. You need to visualize constantly to change your reality. My friend, Linda Moakes, says “An affirmation is something you lie about to yourself until it’s true.” Wise words.

It’s Time to Quit

The day has come. You are standing at the crossroads. You have done your 1-3 months of writing, visualizing, and affirming. Now you are ready to embark on your new life-a life without cigarettes. Know that The Goddess is with you, holding your hand, supporting you. Ask her for extra help to get through this difficult time. Carry or wear a power stone or crystal (an amethyst is excellent for healing addictions) to give you strength and clarity.
Focus on your healing. Whenever you want a cigarette, remember the pain they create. Wipe out all thoughts of the “supposed” pleasure you get from this nasty habit, and tell yourself how miserable you will be if you smoke that cigarette. Later on, when you feel stronger, you can actually put a cigarette under your nostrils and smell the disgusting odor. This will negatively condition you and affirm your positive choice to quit. You will wonder why you ever smoked!
Realize that the physical addiction will be gone in three days: after that you are dealing with your mental addiction. Claim any denial that remains. You can obtain information on the effects of smoking from the library, bookstore, or the local cancer society. Ask your friends who smoke to refrain from smoking around you. If they can’t do that, don’t see them until you are able to be around smokers and not smoke. Don’t go to places where people smoke a lot. This is a ritualistic and social habit, so cut out social situations where smoking is included. Be easy on yourself and don’t push your limits. You might feel very strong and able to say no to your addiction until you are around someone who is smoking.
Realize that you can’t take just one. Remember that little t.v. jingle, “Bet you can’t eat just one”. Well, “Bet you can’t smoke just one” applies here. Don’t kid yourself; there are only a few select people who can smoke just one and leave them alone. Don’t take a chance. You’re probably not one of them.
Enjoy many long showers to rinse the poisons out of your skin and drink a lot of water and orange juice to help cleanse the tar and nicotine from your system. Buy some sunflower seeds to keep your mouth busy. Take up macrame, crocheting, or knitting to keep your hands busy.
Health food stores sell sticks of licorice root. They are great to suck on and can help heal your body of tar and nicotine poisoning. You can fill clear gelatin caps with Gentian powder, an herb that will help kill the desire for nicotine.

Smoking Other Products

There is a product on the market called Mint Bidis, which are herbal cigarettes from India. They taste very strong but are not habit-forming, as they consist only of herbs. I used these as a tool to quit smoking, as they taste the closest to cigarettes. I still smoke them very rarely when I need to smoke something, and I recommend them highly. You might have to go to a specialty shop (a tobacco shop or Indian store might have them) to purchase them, but your efforts will be rewarded. Herbal smoking mixtures are also useful. A basic one is red clover, coltsfoot, and mullein for cleaning out your lungs.
Thank the Goddess every day for Her help in this endeavor. Light your altar candles, stating your purpose. Turquoise or sky blue represent the fifth chakra, lungs and throat.
Give yourself little presents for quitting. For six months I spent the approximate monthly cigarette cost on gifts for myself. This is positive reinforcement, and you deserve it. Bless your body every day.
I was a great singer at l6 when I began smoking- I was even singing on the radio. I didn’t sing for 18 years because every time I tried, there was so much junk in my throat that it sounded terrible. Now I sing again and every day I am thankful for that. Burn sweetgrass to give thanks.

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