Meet Ffiona


“The tarot cards you visioned were life-changing and my first introduction to Goddess–I feel they brought Her into my life. Thank you, Ffiona for all your hard work, you deserve the very best! They were A gift and changed everything, not only for me, but my friends and family as well. I am thankful for this gift of Daughters of the Moon every day of my life. I strongly believe in your work, and talking to you was one of my greatest wishes come true. I have been blessed to do so twice in my life. Thank you so much for all the wonder of you”

From the Heart of the Priestess:

When I step into the magical world of sacred space, which contains the metaphysical arts of tarot, astrology, ritual and learning, I am led to places between the worlds where I heal my soul and experience the greatest joy of this lifetime.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have always been passionate about teaching the truths of the metaphysical archetypes I find there, and pass them onto others through transformational counseling, ritual and classes.  I also love to drum and disappear into the ecstatic sound of many drummers, or be lost in a chant of great ecstasy.  And I love to create ecstasy– that’s what I do. And showing others the pathway to that ecstasy is a profound pleasure.
I believe that I am at my peak of power when I read or teach tarot, and excel at passing on the knowledge found in that oracle.  The way I describe the tarot’s wondrous gifts of major life lessons is by naming her “The Metaphysical Bible” or “The Keeper of Cosmic Consciousness”.  My newly-edited e-book on this website has the name “Cosmic Consciousness Edition” in honor of the gifts I have received from the study of tarot.
To begin the study of these oracles has been described by many as the sacred journey of the soul through many lifetimes, where we learn Her teachings, bringing forth that knowledge into the present which highlights the questions or challenges asked in the present. In this way we are spiritual midwives by assisting our clients in finding the truth in each card, and to reach for that cord in ourselves. For 45 years I have practiced and taught tarot and received incredible love and gratitude from my students–some of which wrote the “testimonials” on this site.
I explain to future clients that I do not “fortune-tell,” but counsel them, women and men both, as a spiritual guide, and I have been doing that for approx. 45 years.
I am an ordained minister and also an ordained priestess of Isis–I revere Her holy name which has recently been slandered and warped.. and I will continue on the teaching path for the rest of my life.


– Ffiona Morgan, Practitioner of the Esoteric & Psychic Arts
Ffiona and the Lion relax in Trafalgar Square
Ffiona and the Lion relax in Trafalgar Square

– Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology,and Women’s Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz,1974
– Master of Arts in Psychology, Social Science and Women’s Studies, Graduate Studies Program San Jose State 1980
– Practitioner of Psychology and Radical Therapy 1980-2015
– Licensed Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, 2000-2005
– One of the original creators and Practitioners of Transformational Tarot Counseling, 1984
– Original creator/visioner of Daughters of the Moon Tarot deck and book
– Artist (Painter) of 78 cards, Daughters of the Moon Tarot deck

Author of:
Interpretive Book for Daughters of the Moon Tarot
Mysteries of the Goddess Book
Goddess Spirituality Book
Cookbook (no title yet) — to be published in 2016


Environmental Activist, 1976-2015
Feminist Educator, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist, 1969-2015
LGBT Activist 1972-2015
Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, California, 1996
Ordained Dianic High Priestess by Z. Budapest, 2003

                Public Appearances

Berlin, Vienna, Glastonbury UK, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Vancouver B.C, and so many places in the US. over so many years that I can’t even begin to list them all! I have also taught for many years at the West Coast Women’s Festival in Yosemite, Michigan Women’s Festival, and in Chicago and the deep South.
Ffiona has been on the radio many times and on mainstream t.v. where she produced a lunar eclipse ritual/celebration that aired on t.v. Also, lecturing to groups on the Goddess and how the pagan religion has been virtually erased.